“Horsemanship. Training. Wisdom”

I have ridden horses off and on for 45 years and more for the last 16. From learning the hard way, good riding skills for me can neither be over emphasized nor over mastered.

Since taking lessons from Rebekah, I have reached a level of skill, confidence and understanding that previously was unattainable. Money very, very, very well spent. A whole new equine world has opened up for me; one that I very nearly gave up on. 

Miss Rebekah Larimer has demonstrated a degree of horsemanship, training and wisdom way beyond her piers. Due to her uniquie adaptability and extremely well grounded knowledge, she is able to explain and teach the very best of riding skills. Miss Larimer is the very best teacher/trainer one can have - I really mean it. 

— Jim

“I like the feeling of a horse trusting me!”

There was a "hot" horse at my stable. The owner asked me to get on him for her to do a video to sell him.  I was being extremely patient with him and noticed he didn't like to put any kind of weight into the bit. It took me about 10 minutes for him to actually trust me enough to not pop him in the mouth.  He had never done dressage and went down on the bit for me no problem, stopped throwing his head, and relaxed more for me. 

I want to thank you for teaching me how to be patient with horses and how as long as they're trying they're not in trouble.  I like the feeling of a horse trusting me not to hurt him and showing his owner that he's not a bad horse at all.

— Annika C.

Rebekah has helped my mare and I excel further than I ever thought possible. Always done in an encouraging, positive way. 

— Barb T. 


“Honest and Hardworking.”

Rebekah is one of the better trainers I have seen and trains with positive reinforcement. Her experience in Europe shows, and she is at another level in my opinion them most of the dressage trainers in this area.

I would recommend her to anyone, any level, at any time! She is honest and hard working. 

_Tish L.

Ann D. and her Quarter Horse, Pai

Ann D. and her Quarter Horse, Pai

“The Horses Love Her.”

I am so glad I found Rebekah for my dressage instructor. I have taken lessons with Rebekah for over a year and a half and she has made all the difference in my riding skills and confidence. Rebekah has the right combination of riding experience, competing and formal education to be the excellent instructor and trainer I expect. 

There are probably dozens of things I appreciate about Rebekah but just a few of them are: she is an attentive listener, she pays close attention to detail, she seeks out new experiences not only for herself but for her students as well, she understands horse behavior, works with the horse in a language he understands and the horses love her. She has helped me have the horse I always wanted and I am on my way to becoming the rider I want to be. Best of all, we have fun doing it!

— Kathy C.


“Excellent. Patient. Knowledgable.”

Rebekah is an excellent, patient and knowledgeable instructor. She is always there if you have any questions. I have been taking lessons for a while now and my riding has improved in many areas including my communication with my horse. I could highly recommend Rebekah to anyone at any skill level!

— Katie

After taking a few years off of riding, my confidence was lacking and both my Morgan gelding, Sport, and I were out of shape. I was looking for a trainer who could bring Sport and I back together and get rid of the bad habits we had begun to develop.
Here is the moment that I knew Rebekah was “the one:” I arrived early at the barn for our initial interview and was wandering the aisles, petting the cats and checking the stalls for cleanliness, when I overheard a woman encouraging a group of 4-Hers with equitation reminders in the arena. I listened intently, hoping for some kind of clue as to what kind of person this trainer was. I knew Rebekah was an accomplished dressage ride and I had an expectation (and truthfully, apprehension) for what dressage barns and trainers were going to be like. But Rebekah’s voice coming from the arena was kind and didn’t show a hint of impatience as she continued to educate the group on why their horses were not responding this way or that. After the lesson, before leaving the 4-Hers to join me, she made sure the kids were happy, and horses were brushed, safely stretched, and properly treated. I appreciated her attention to detail, empathy, and obvious love for the horses.
For the past 5 years I have been fortunate enough to be in dressage training with Rebekah Larimer at Elliott Horsepower Ranch in Vancouver, WA. Rebekah has been patiently reteaching me technique, discipline, and communication as well as reconditioning Sport. Sport is in the best shape and most advanced training of his life and I am excited every lesson to learn and practice. With love,
— Jessie & Sport