What is Equine Challenge™?

At Equine Challenge™ we believe forage specificity is paramount before horses get sick, not after! Sadly, more times than not we consider diet specificity when our horses become sick and we want them to recover functionally and quickly. 

Equine Challenge™  is pro-active nutrition which provides the basic building blocks for day to day life and allows the flexibility to meet the nutritional needs of horses, regardless of how little or how much is physically demanded.   

Equine Challenge Supplements™ contain no byproducts or fillers such as Distiller's Dried Grain solutes, ground alfalfa, wheat millrun, wheat middlings, soymeal, beet pulp, rice bran, soybean or oat hulls.  Equine Challenge Supplement™ products contain no corn, no wheat, no alfalfa, no soy beans, no molasses, no soy oil, no mineral oil, no vegetable oil and no corn oil.  The oil in Equine Challenge Supplements™ is the oil naturally found in Flaxseed, primarily Omega 3's and Omega 6's.

Equine Challenge Supplements™ are synergistically proportioned to provide the nutritional building blocks and maintain the metabolic balance of your horse, regardless of whether you feed alfalfa, grass or oat hay.  


  • High Palatability
  • High Bioavailability (Chelated)
  • Easy to Administer
  • Food Grade Flax Rich in Omega 3's
  • 7 Strain Viable Probiotic Package
  • ZinPro Amino Acid Complexes
  • No Byproduct Fillers
  • No Added Iron
  • Guaranteed Freshness
  • Easy to use, easy to open bags, pails and drums
  • Equine Challenge Supplement™ products made to work synergistically together
  • Products developed along with manufacturer with 30 years Nutritional experience & history
  • Shipping always included in pricing anywhere in the U.S.
Nextravagant -  Belgian Warblood (BWP) 4th Place in North America for 2 year olds 2015

Nextravagant -  Belgian Warblood (BWP) 4th Place in North America for 2 year olds 2015


Why is Rebekah a distributor?

Rebekah has been using  Equine Challenge™ products since 2009, is extremely pleased with the results, and wants to make it easy for clients to help support their horse's health so they may perform their best!

What do they have to offer?

  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Joint & Performance
  • Probiotics/Prebiotics Combo
  • Hoof Products
  • Protein/Amino Acid
  • Calming/Blood Builder
  • Bug Repellents
  • Pissy Mare
  • Laminae Support
  • Flax Products
  • Psyllium Support

Horses consistently have better hooves, coat quality, balanced energy and overall healthy glow!


Rebekah's personal and client's horses have thrived on Equine Challenge. Her up and coming star, Nextravagant, has been on it since conception.