Ground Work?  But, I just want to get on and ride!

Do you want a horse who:

  • Safe and you get to keep your fingers and toes
  • Loads in the trailer
  • Stands
  • Understands voice commands
  • Understands what you want on the ground as well as under saddle
  • Nicely help decrease energy for shows and outings
Rebekah teaching Kim H. with her Thoroughbred, Andy

Rebekah teaching Kim H. with her Thoroughbred, Andy

Rebekah working with Jessie's morgan, Sport

Rebekah working with Jessie's morgan, Sport

Virginia with her quarter horse, emma

Virginia with her quarter horse, emma

What type of ground work?

Long Lining
Long lining helps teach young horses what the bit (or bitless bridle) for turning and halting, verbal cues, and for them to learn how to properly carry themselves without the weight of the rider. 

More experienced horses benefit by being able to help explain new movements, plus it keeps them fresh from not doing the same boring thing all of the time. 


This step is a must before you and your horse learn long lining. They start to learn verbal cues, help get focused before riding at shows if necessary and is an essential basic. 


Ground Manners /  Showmanship
Who likes to be stepped on or ran over? No one I have ever met!  The foundation of showmanship gives nice guidelines so you may be the leader in the partnership with your horse. 

Competitive Showmanship is ground manners on steroids for you and your horse! 


Rebekah understands both horse and rider need to be in sync in order for them to achieve their goals. She is able to modify lessons to fit with the mental and physical positions of both rider and horse, a skill not many trainers posses. I have had the privilege to learn from Rebekah with two different horses with two very different personalities and breeds. Despite being two completely opposite horses, Rebekah has been excellent at tailoring lessons to fit each individual rider and horse team. Rebekah, unlike many trainers, also understands that a good relationship between horse and rider starts from the ground with respect. She teaches ground work and ground manners that yields positive results. She was able to help transform my overly pushy, and sometimes dangerous, mare into a respectful horse that young children are able to handle. I recommend Rebekah for whatever needs you have no matter your discipline. She is an encouraging, fun and all around positive person and trainer!
— Elise P.


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