Got FUN?

Horses and their humans can get bored of practicing the same old things day after day.  

We love to be able to incorporate dressage skills with fun games, activities and outings. 


What type FUN?

Broom Polo
Broom Polo is similar to traditional polo, except we use brooms and a beach ball instead, don't play bumper horses, and keep to low speeds. 


We also like to play other games!


Getting Outside
Whether it is for going for walks up our dead end road, trail rides, or going to the beach. We get out as much as possible.


Rebekah loves and encourages to dress up and have fun with our horses! Competitions, performances and volunteering are highly encouraged, but never required!


I wouldn’t go to anyone else to train my horse. Rebekah is trustworthy and patient. She is all about the horse’s health and mental well being while working with them to make them the best they can be. I highly recommend her for horse training and riding lessons!
— Aletha B.


Make your dreams with your horse come true!