No matter how hard you may try to avoid it; Life will throw surprises your way while riding whether you are at a competition or out on the trail.  The only thing that is for sure is some sort of freak thing will eventually happen. Rather than avoiding and continuing to live in fear have Rebekah show you how to desensitize and properly approach obstacles and different things in a relaxed, positive, and supportive environment. 

Rebekah's passion for dressage will also help you with the finesse and speed required for competitive Working Equitation.  


Some Obstacles:

  • Bridge
  • Car Wash Tarp
  • Jump
  • Water Pool
  • Rope and Solid Gate
  • Slalom Between Poles
  • and much more!


One of the benchmarks of a great instructor is that what they teach and share gracefully and gently cascades into other areas of the student’s lives to bring more light and enrichment that dwells deep in their hearts and helps transform them into better people. The light, enrichment, joy and blessing of you as a friend and instructor goes deep into my bones and heart!
— Ann H.



Make your horse dreams come true!