What's the big whoop?

Ultimately, everyone wants a horse that listens to them. Dressage gives a nice way to form communication and understanding between you and your horse.  Regardless of your horse's breed or your desired discipline; dressage will help set you on the road of success.  

Dressage helps give many "tools" in your invisible super hero utility belt to be able to whip out anytime you want your horse to specifically do something for you.




Ballet with Horses?

Yes!  Dressage is most simply described as ballet with horses where great communication, understanding, flexibility, balance and harmony create a beautiful dance with horse and rider.  

Where can I use dressage?

Dressage Competitions
Pure dressage competitions are a great way to "test" and confirm you and your horse's skills.

Straighter lines to jumps, avoid run outs, better balance, more strength and flexibility with adjust-ability of horse's stride.

Working Equitation/Trail Obstacles
Enhance your dressage and fitness phase of working equitation. 

Western Dressage
Obtain all the tools to be able to do proper lines and movements.

Mounted Archery/ Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Your horse needs to listen to your seat and legs to be able to drop the reins to aim and shoot. 

Any Discipline!


After taking a few years off of riding, my confidence was lacking and both my Morgan gelding, Sport, and I were out of shape. I was looking for a trainer who could bring Sport and I back together and get rid of the bad habits we had begun to develop.
Here is the moment that I knew Rebekah was “the one;” I arrived early at the barn for our initial interview and was wandering the aisles, petting the cats and checking the stalls for cleanliness, when I overheard a woman encouraging a group of 4-Hers with equitation reminders in the arena. I listened intently, hoping for some kind of clue as to what kind of person this trainer was. I knew that Rebekah was an accomplished dressage rider and I had an expectation (and truthfully, apprehension) for what dressage barns and trainers were going to be like. But Rebekah’s voice coming from the arena was kind and didn’t show any impatience as she continued to educate the group on why their horses were not responding this way or that. After the lesson, before leaving the 4-Hers to join me, she made sure the kids were happy, and horses were brushed, safely stretched, and properly treated. I appreciated her attention to detail, empathy, and obvious love for the horses.
For the past 5 years I have been fortunate enough to be in dressage training with Rebekah Larimer at Elliott Horsepower Ranch in Vancouver, WA. Rebekah has been patient in re-teaching me technique, discipline, and communication as we reconditioning Sport. Sport is in the best shape and most advanced training of his life and I am excited every lesson to learn and practice.
— With Love - Jessie & Sport


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